Holly Run December 2016



Sporting my Tadworth green top and a pair of bright red innov8 boots I felt appropriately attired for the Holly Run. I did the Holly Run for the first time last year and due to late delivery of cross country footwear I entered running on a pair of well-worn road shoes. I was soon to discover this was like racing on slick tyres in the wet (I use to race motorbikes so have that T-shirt too)


The Holly Run is set in Reigate’s Priory park with several shorter runs earlier in the day for juniors ending in the senior men & women event. The men cover a 6 mile course (three 2 mile laps) including up and down the ridge, steep and slippery up and steeper and slipperier coming down, women only have to complete two laps.


My first attempt last year with treadless trainers gave the marshalls a few laughs. This year with a good grip I had no excuse for taking the hills at a cautious pace and by the third lap I struggled to maintain a slow jog going up. On the upside I had improved my time from last year by 6 minutes and I was the first Tadworth runner home both last year and this year, you can guess why!


So hopefully we can have a few more holly green shirts running next year, Happy New Year!

Andrew Morrison